You’re wondering where the money goes, right? Good question! The entrance fee of $35 covers four hours of entertainment (pretty good value, we think, less than 2 x movie tickets).

The extra $25 for competitor entry covers the cost of the T Rex costumes that we’ve purchased x 10, plus the batteries to inflate each costume adds up to about $800. Yes, Dinosaurs are expensive!

We understand that if you’ve never organised an event, costs aren’t obvious. Other costs involved include, but are not limited to:

•public liability insurance (no venue will hire you a space without it)
•venue hire
•PA hire
•professional Race caller
•professional Photographer
•St John Ambulance (safety and comfort of the general public is 
paramount to us)
•printing of promo posters
•signage on the day
•website design and hosting
•entrance wrist bands
•prize money (3 x $100)
•line marking
•number bibs
…the list goes on.

We earn no fee for this event. No fee for the hundreds of hours we’ve put in (and will do so on the day as well). We are not paid other than a fun day for others. There is no profit with this event, but that was never our aim.

Currently, we need to sell 57 general admission tickets and sell 26 competitors to cover our costs and break even.

Maybe it was a dumb idea? But we thought fun, and were willing to put in our time, gratis, to make it work and support and bring awareness to animal rights. We secured Animals Australia volunteers (THANK YOU!) to provide the food and take all profits from that. The bar is run independently by a winery, as we have no volunteers to do that, it’s just 2 of us running this event.

We also have collection tins on the day for the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses.

Finally, we are LOVING the groundswell of activism against the horse racing industry in Australia right now (our event was convinced and launched prior to ABC TV’s 730 Report expose). We anticipate next year, in 2020, FARK Cup will be bigger and better with a much greater financial slice for animal welfare charities!

Thanks for your interest in the FARK Cup! We hope to see you there.