Why enter?
The inaugural FARK CUP is up for grabs!

Who can enter?
You must be aged over 18 on 5th November, 2019, to compete.

What can I win?
Glory, or possibly even stardom. Maybe you’ll become an influencer.

How long is the race?
100 metres. Or thereabouts.

RACES 1, 2 and 3: First, second and third place winners receives winners sash.

RACE 4: Winner of the FARK CUP wins cash and prizes to the value of min $100.

Go to Tickets for all the race information and registration.

Your $60 entry fee includes entry into one race. Each addition race is a further $25.

Overall Rules:

  • You must be aged 18 years old or over on 5th November, 2019, to compete.
  • Competitors must pre-register.
  • General admission fee AND competitor fee must be paid.
  • Competitor must arrive 30 minutes before race start for registration and bib collection.
  • Competitor names must be as ridiculous and fun as possible.
  • Competitor names may be modified by the judges if deemed inappropriate.
  • Entry requirements for each race entered (below) must be met.
  • Rules can be changed, added to or ignored at judges discretion.

RACE 1 – MAMIL Coffee Cup

  • Wear cycling Lycra (but vintage gym, budgie smugglers, ballet Lyrca all possible if you rock it. The sillier the better).
  • Run carrying two cups of coffee (supplied).
  • First to reach the finish line where your bike is wins (you must still have coffee in your cup.
  • Starting from a seated or lying position.
  • Barefoot only.
  • Come up with a fun and silly coffee or cycling name for your entry!

RACE 2 – Wobbly Ladies

  • Wear a dress (all genders welcome)
  • Carry shoes
  • Carry hand bag (cannot have over body strap or hand strap or be affixed in any way)
  • Wear a hat (cannot be fixed to your head or hair during the race)
  • First to reach the finish line and grab the champagne bottle (supplied) wins.
  • Not allowed to start standing.
  • Barefoot only.
  • Come up with a fun and silly drunk lady name for your entry!

RACE 3 – T Rex

  • Wear an inflatable T Rex Costume (will be supplied to you).
  • Starting from standing position.
  • Barefoot only.
  • Starting from a 180 degree position (backwards).
  • Come up with a fun and silly dinosaurus name for your entry!


Each first, second and third winner from race 1, 2 and 3 then competes in the FARK CUP