Races 2019

12:00pm          RACE 1  MAMIL Coffee Cup SCRATCHED

  • Competitors start from a squatting, seated or lying position dressed in Lycra (or vintage gym, budgie smugglers or ballet Lycra) whilst carrying two coffee cups (with coffee). They race barefoot to the finish line
  • First to cross the finish line and mount their bike, still holding the coffee cups (including contents) wins.
  • Near impossible.

12:00pm          RACE 2 Wobbly Ladies

  • Competitors start from a squatting, sitting or lying position then run, stagger or crawl their way to the finish line: barefoot, carrying shoes and handbag whilst wearing an unfixed hat.
  • First to cross the line still carrying shoes, handbag and hat and grabs the champagne bottle wins.
  • If it’s a windy day they are all FARKED.

12:30pm            RACE 3  T Rex

  • 10 competitors in inflatable T Rex Costumes take off from a standing position, facing backwards.
  • First dinosaur across the line wins.
  • Will someone lose their head? Highly likely.

1:00pm            RACE 4  FARK CUP

  • Each first, second and third winner from race 1, 2 and 3 then competes in the FARK CUP
  • At stake is the Golden FARK CUP. The glory of being the inaugural winner and taking home $100 in cash and prizes.

1:30pm            Fashions in the field- FARK King & Queen

  • Frock up for the day and you could be crowned FARK KING or QUEEN. Be funny or glamourous, laid back or high brow! So long as you look as good as you feel.
  • Two crowns will be awarded for the most creative or funny or original or innovative costumes. Gender norms may not be adhered to.
  • Be ready just before 1:30pm and see if you are nominated! There may also be a crowd vote.