Thank You

This is long, but worthwhile!

ATTENDEES Thank you for looking amazing (the colour! The glamour! The Fun!), embracing a smaller-than-you-would-have-expected event, participating, laughing, drinking, eating and making new friends. We are THANKFUL you believed in us enough to buy a ticket. We were so excited every time we got an email notification of an order!! It’s someone we don’t know, I’d squeal! The day would not have happened without you, and you can now proudly say, I was at the first FARK Cup!

MATT FARRELL Matt arrived early stayed late. He gave us amazing hands on help in so many ways: starting line official, T Rex wrangler and trouble shooter, trophy presenter… the list goes on! Other than presenting the big prize, we didn’t ask – he just stepped in (awesome)! Matt we are thrilled you came along and are very grateful for all your assistance on the day. Your help was so valuable and I’m sorry I didn’t say so publicly on the day.

PETE HALL Pete is a cinematographer I worked with 30 years ago, and he delivered the. BEST. Images ever! Pete, I’m sorry for the sunburn! We are so grateful for the stories you captured with such skill and finesse. Your generous gift to us is amazing. Check out Pete here; 

ALLAN BROWNE Our brilliant MC & Race Caller was PERFECT for FARK Cup. From the very start, Allan was super easy to get along with, and loved our ideas. Allan was the glue for the day- taking charge when all else was chaos, definitely able to think on his feet and fill in all our gaps on the rundown. Freaking funny too! His interview with Patsy was brilliant (you’ll see). Allan made everyone welcome and his commentary was fabulous. He seamlessly worked both the crowd and the contestants. What would we have done without you, Allan? Crashed and burned! Book him for your next gig! You’ll fine Allan on Facey here.

TIMO BISHOP Timo deserved a bigger mention than “DJ” on the day…. I neglected to acknowledge his incredible contribution.

Timo has spent hundreds of hours creating, promoting, organising, budgeting, scheduling, lugging, preparing, directing and entertaining. Who will ever forget the divine Patsy? Probably the most memorable of competitors, who achieved her aim of arriving last across the finish line in every race. I hope I see Patsy again soon x

Timo’s alter ego, Rex, is one of the funniest, compassionate and loving voices on Twitter, if I may say. But Rex wastrolled! We will be posting highlights! I looked forward to every “Love, Rex” It was a labour of love doing social media, it’s not really our thing, so to put so much time and affort in, Timo, was astonishing.

Rex also made in person appearances in the hot sun outside the Vegan Festival, handing out flyers. He went into ABC Radio studios in the early hours before work. He tireslessly plugged and promoted FARK Cup day after day, week after week. The hours in getting word out was extraordinary!


Thanks to me for being able to work seamlessly with Timo – both creative and both organised, our project was enormously fun to create and deliver. So many laughs along the way, and a brilliant group of people assisting and participating.

Timo says: Lissanne took the spark of an idea after seeing the T-Rex Race at Emerald Downs on the socials and made it a reality. Within a couple of days the whole concept of FARK was born. The wobbly ladies, the MAMILs, the whole thing was mapped out perfectly. The genesis of the idea was for people to have a fun time and an alternative to the usual proceedings. Lissanne is often ahead of her time. There is no doubt that next year will be bigger and better than before as people catch on. Having people ask from interstate how they can hold their own FARK Cup is testament to that. Having media rock up on the day is also proof that frocking up isn’t limited to a horse race. In fact, seeing the smiles on the day was exactly what Lissanne was aiming for when the FARK was born. Mission accomplished.

REBEKKAH SPARROW LORD Someone else who was there from the get-go was Rebekkah Sparrow Lord. Bekk, you tirelessly spread the word, crafting beautiful posts to entice punters to the FARK CUP. You constantly offered help, and were a joy to have on the day, gathering amazing documentation with your beautiful photography. THANK YOU! Of course, you also inspired the entire event! “Where’s the champagne? I’d frock up to see that [racing T Rexes]” was the night the Fun Alternative Racing Karnival was born J #Muse

GAVIN OLIVER My Dad Gavin, swapped cars, measured and marked lines, sold drinks, was bewildered when I lost the petty cash (so dumb of me), sponsored 6 tickets, bumped in, bumped out, dropped us and our stuff home, ate a vegan burger, and so many other details, but also… pulled the plug on horse racing betting after a life-long pastime (Tell em *** em!). Wow! Thank you DAD!

MATT from EKHIDNA WINES Matt, we love you! Thank you for the beautiful bubbly, Fiano, Shiraz and preservative-free beer. WE couldn’t have had the festivities without your generous help!

PAM FROM PROSPECT COUNCIL who allowed us to run the Cup, and to use Prospect Oval gratis 🙂

MEAGAN LAMMING, SA VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR FOR ANIMALS AUSTRALIA. The delightful Megan agreed to take on the catering for the day, and even attendance numbers were dire (sitting at 9 people two days out), Meagan remained committed! She even took a day off work from her new job for the Cup.. amazing. Meagan we love you and hope to team with you again! Big thanks also to your amazing team who were also very hands on for FARK when we were prepping on the day: Paula Powell, Vanessa Hearnden and Gwyn Jolley. The food was amazing I only wish I had more.

RIA HENSHAW, FUNDRAISING MANAGER, THE COALITION FOR THE PROTECTION OF RACEHORSESshipped us collection tins, posters and marketing collateral (Ria paid for the courier out of her own pocket). A delight to deal with, I hope to see more of Ria and the Coalition soon.

MEDIA & SPECIAL GUESTS ABC Radio Producer Eliza Kirsch, breakfast presenter Ali Clark, TV Sports journalist Brittany Evins and attendee Catherine Zengerer, who took out FARK KING/QUEEN with her daughter, Isabelle Zengerer, were all outstanding at loving and supporting our event. I am utterly blown away by their buoying spirit leading up to and on the day of the event. Who would have thunk we would have made the news? Attract such stunning creative types? Wow.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED, reposted, promoted, supported and believed in FARK. We cannot wait to bring you a bigger and better event next year, stay in touch on Facebook for updates.

We’re thrilled everyone had such a great time!

From the bottom of our big T Rex hearts, THANK YOU Xxxxxxx
~Lissanne & Timo